529 Solutions

Customizing Administrative Solutions for the Evolving Needs and Challenges of 529

Through providing services to multiple programs, we fundamentally understand that every Plan is unique and every Plan will require specialized services to help with today’s challenges and offer the flexibility to support tomorrow’s opportunities. As a result, we have never just settled on offering one “cookie-cutter” solution. Flexibility, customization and knowledge are critical components to our quality of service and our success. Our services and systems are specifically designed to understand and support your ever-changing needs.

Our strength and endurance in the industry comes from developing new solutions to facilitate growth, helping you to achieve your goals and resolve your plan challenges. Intuition remains committed to the success of the 529 industry and all of its plans, whether we are servicing them directly or not. We continue to make significant investments in our product offerings, technology and human capital to further expand our solutions in the marketplace and to offer a broader spectrum of options in administering 529 plans.

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